The Importance of Eating with Intention

Jun 20, 2016 | Posted by in Health, Mind | 6
The Importance of Eating with Intention

Being present….It’s a concept that we seem to hear about more and more. Being present or more intentional with your thoughts and actions is a great practice to start, it can be done with all areas of your life including your meals. Eating with intention is something that everyone can do and it can completely changeRead more …

3 Reasons Why People Don’t Accomplish Their Goals (and Steps to Get Back On Track)

Jun 13, 2016 | Posted by in Lifestyle, Organization | 8
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So often we create goals for ourselves with every intention of going through with them but then life gets busy and we don’t end up doing what we had originally set out to do. It happens to all of us…especially when those goals may challenge us in a way that pushes us outside of ourRead more …

Protein Packed Sweet Potato and Kidney Bean “Meatless” Balls

May 9, 2016 | Posted by in Nutrition, Recipes | 8
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I was on a hike when I came up with the idea for these delicious Protein Packed Sweet Potato and Kidney Bean “Meatless” Balls. After making a few different types of homemade vegan burger and “meatless” balls recipes, I kind of had an idea of taste that I wanted to go for. I’m quite happyRead more …

My Health Journey Part 2: Healing Mind Body and Spirit

May 3, 2016 | Posted by in Health, Lifestyle | 2
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Happy Tuesday all! This past week has been a bit of a whirlwind with school and some other things, hence why I’m a day behind in my posting. Anyways, last week I posted about my struggles with childhood illness and depression. Here is a recap in case you missed it or you can read it here. Read more …

My Health Journey Part 1: My Struggles with Childhood Illness

Apr 25, 2016 | Posted by in Health, Lifestyle | 3
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Have you ever had a point in your life where you felt so completely alone and lost with no where to go? Have you ever felt like you were misunderstood and judged? Or Maybe you just couldn’t find the will to even get out of bed? Me too…  We all have a journey that isRead more …

Perfectionism: How to Stop the All or Nothing Mentality

Apr 18, 2016 | Posted by in Mind | 10

Are you someone who struggles with perfectionism? Have you ever put off doing something because you felt that you weren’t ready? Or maybe because you want to wait for the PERFECT moment to start? I know that feeling all too well! As a coach, I often encounter people who have a desire to change their life.Read more …

5 Brilliant Ways to Prevent Burn Out

Mar 27, 2016 | Posted by in Inspirational | 12

In today’s society we are always pushing ourselves so hard that it is easy to get overwhelmed by life. We are taught and encouraged to push ourselves to our limits, to be the best, to win the trophy and to never ever fail. This is such an unreasonable expectation to have for ourselves. Not to mentionRead more …

5 Reasons Why You Need to Follow Your Passion (How it Can Make a Difference In the World)

Jan 10, 2016 | Posted by in Inspirational | 0
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Life can get a little crazy sometimes and it can cause us to forget about those little things that ignite the spark of passion in our lives. That’s why I wanted to share with you why I think passion is important and the 5 reasons why you need to follow your passion and how it canRead more …